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Join Gift in summer vacation, Foundation Design Course of Gift and gain Rs.22283/- benefits in FEE plus many Elective Design Course free along with materials, folios, tools, this is only for summer vacation.14-4-2014
Basic to Advance level learning in Gift is
34% more than NID Design Education due to Gift NGOs Design Education Missions
And Gift Design course fee is peanuts and learning time verily less
Why Gift is transparent on internet and NID is not?
If NID shows work like Gift then who will teach?
Why NID cannot provide in detail course abstract?
They cannot be transparent, otherwise who will join NID?
The above mention if not true than is cyber jurisdiction crime

World Design Education Bodies cannot deny the “GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile” Diploma Certificate of Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design and its Associate Degree of 2 years, which carries highest skillful knowledge and actual practice weight, since 1995.
SUMMER VACATION WORKSHOP OF GIFT FOUNDATION COURSE: Design, Craft and Art 2014, FEE: Rs.25000/- with All learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning with Confidence.
Course detail is mention underneath for PERUSAL.
Summer workshop 1st batch admission will Begin from 25th march to 7th April 2014 and for 2nd batch 25th April 2014 onwards. For course details click shown links
Course text, work and working photos and Design Arts Picture plates and for updates click this link for understanding.
20 Student/Batch will be given admission due to individual teaching, age group 12-52 yrs.
Course duration is approximate 40 days/125 Hrs and should be completed in 2 months only.
Course fee is 50% less than actual in down payment, with all learning materials and folios as per gift policies, teaching methods and mission, for fee click shown link www.giftfeestructure.blogspot.inThis is only for summer course and this facility will get closed in last day of April for all initial batch” Best learner will get 25% teaching fee refunded by Cheque as/Gift Educ. Means more gain.
For more details about Gift Design Education for Fresh Learners Perusal click shown links: for students art work shows and sales, for western garments, for fashion course and garments, for textile embroidery for multi task, for designer sari, for fashion conceptualization and illustration, for textile, Website: E-mail: and Address: White Cross Building, 15 Patel Society, Near CII Building, Panchvati, Gulbaitekra Road, Ahmedabad 380006, GUJARAT INDIA, Phone: +91 079 26463702 Mobile: +91 09825698294
“This is FIRST TIME on Fresh Learners Demand Gift is conducting summer workshop”
Above mention all details is only for summer workshop foundation art and craft purpose
SUMMER VACATION WORKSHOP OF GIFT FOUNDATION COURSE IN AHMEDABAD FEE: Rs.25000/- with learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning with Confidence.
“125 Hours in 35 to 40 days in 2 months, learning”
“Carry home after learning, learnt work of value design, worth above Approximate 1 Lac, as learnt work folios and Art frames”
Summer workshop:
Performing arts of crafts
Holidays programme of arts and crafts
Gift summer camps of arts and crafts
Gift pencil shading arts and style
Gift pen and ink ornamental arts and style
Gift black and white Mexican and African arts and style
Gift summer workshops is not for children below 12 years age
Gift stencil air brush painting workshop
Gift fancy fan cut painting workshops
Gift design, arts and craft centre
Gift water colour painting workshop
Gift embossing and painting arts and crafts workshop
Gift textile resist style crafts and arts workshop
Gift Life and fashion accessory crafts workshop
Summer workshop of design in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of art in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of craft in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design and art in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of art and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop:
Summer vacation workshop of design in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop art in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop design and art in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop design and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop art and craft in Ahmedabad
Learn in Gift workshop, as above mention in Gift summer workshops.

Art and Craft Hobby Summer Vacation workshop, onward 25th March to 25th April of every year in Gift, with learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning with Confidence. “Duration 125 Hours means 35 to 40 days learning in 2 months” “Carry home  after learning, learnt work of value, worth above approximately 1 Lac in folios and frames” In workshop learn colour transparent character surface designing, water colour, ornamental design on paper and fabric, embossing surface and painting, stencil and air brush painting and pencil shading under craft and art hobby as Gift Foundation course, for detail see shown link
GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Ahmedabad by Khalid

Fashion Design Course of Atom Size Gift NGOs Ahmedabad under Diploma and Degree Certificate Course Onwards 2013-2014.


Introduction to Fashion Illustration:

FASHION ILLUSTRATION By GIFT Student Ms Archana Kishore Makwana
Costume is the mirror of social history. Historically, if you see the perspective of Fashion Illustration, it can be traced very well through oriental paintings in western civilization as well as Egyptian and Kangra paintings from Indian origin which depicts Krishna’s stories, there is simply no end. One can find various stories from various places in relation to fashion costumes and accessories. Since then the fashion illustration has become a necessity to the present industrial scenario of fashion and due to illustrations we can depict the era’s time and style and later on that becomes history to understand the human habitats globally. Due to that we can correlate the culture and their mixing with each other, their synchronization and the outcome of that time’s new fashion.  That means fashions and fashion illustration reflects a great deal of style and attitude of that era. It is worth studying the work of great fashion illustrators from the past to understand the many different ways in which they conveyed the clothes, gestures styles and the moods of that time, and to understand other’s mind illusions about fashion and its versatility the phrases are as follows:

FASHION ILLUSTRATION By GIFT Student Ms Archana K Makwana 
“Costume Fashion is a form of uneasiness, intolerable due to the change of mind which we have to alter at every season.”

“The so called Fashion is a depot home where the vice ridicule and obey thorough philosophies.”

“Every generation laughs at the old fashion and religiously follows the new one.”

“Fashion wears out more apparel than woman.”

Illustrated By Archana Kishore Makwana, while learning  in GIFT Ahmedabad
Fashion can be in your community which explains your economic importance to the society. Today’s Fashion is more demographic rather than wearable Fashion. Fashion characters’ and likings are becoming bigger than your life which is an alarm to the industry. 

Constant fashion is classic, which is called blood of the industry. Short cut of living with fashion distorts the fashionable life but today’s fashion expresses freedom of any style due to hypocrisy of human society and we also know that fashion is an illusion of human mind which travels from one corner to another globally since the 16th century. The first magazine appeared in newspaper in 1672 which was the “Le Mecure Galant” with story and illustrated picture plates. After almost 100 years, the magazine called the “Ladies Magazine” got published publicly in the era of George III in 1759 with fashion picture plates. Since then the industry started blooming.

In a fashion industry, the fashion illustrator’s job is to create economical, commercial, social and visuals that sell the finished fashionable products and with that your message in detail in unique style and techniques is spread across for appreciation and incomprehensive guide and growth for your style which becomes reference for aspiring others. In today’s fashion industry, fashion illustrators are professionals where they may or may not know about the apparel industry in detail which hardly matters because they are well informed by their client needs. Then, how fresh learners can learn the complete style of fashion illustration? For that, as an example we are giving you some tips which can help you a lot. They are as follows:
·                     One should draw the human figure in the beginning whether male or female with proper basic anatomy with different moods, gestures and proportions.
·                     One should know how to shade and render colour texture pattern and style to capture the details in numerous accessories and fabric.
·                     Material and technique which is going to be used for preparing proto type garment as well as the illustrated print.
·                     Your drawn and recreated fashion illustration will get you trends across your customer along with trade journals (print media, retailed advertisers and forecast) for your success.
·                     Your final portfolio of fashion illustration should have a thorough professional presentable appearance for the global market along with reference materials and availabilities.

If you follow the above tips of illustrations and practice it through out your career, it will give stunning examples and recognition to others internationally. But as a beginner, to grow in the field of fashion as an illustrator is not easy because it is tougher than any other profession due to the non technical and non subjective terms which is highly related to human likings that can be discarded any time and can be replaced with another style. As a result, this industry has much more rejection than any other profession. That is why the fashion illustrator should be well informed and educated about social as well as economical values. Otherwise the life is going to be like a roller coaster.

My suggestion from my 40 years of expertise is that, one should create illustration in very simple style which is closer to the human society rather than exaggeration with full of imaginary style which is economically comfortless and the acceptance percentage is zero. That means you should not leave the common thinking of human society and whitewash totally the hypocrisy for your success. Then certainly, you will gain fame like the tortoise and the rabbit’s race and will sail smoothly without hiccups. Then, why not see the simple illustration plates and just lift the pencil and begin working without delay. I am sure you can do much better than what you see in the picture plates after reading the text in relation to fashion illustration.

At GIFT we teach all different techniques and mediums in 15 days and we have more medium to this subject without changing our status of mind for teaching as per the subject.

Note: Initially begin with the simple drawing only. Then certainly, you will be able to draw better than GIFT illustration picture plates. 

Fashion Designer Ahmedabad Archana K Makwana
Fashion Illustration by Archana Kishore Makwana while learning in GIFT Ahmedabad, GIFT: Gandhi Institute of fashion and textile means Gift India, Gift Gujarat and Gift Education

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By:Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique